Shakil Rizvi Stock Ltd. Digital Booth

Digital Booth Services as follows:

1.   Account Opening:

ü BO Account opening and closing services (online and offline)


2.   Trading Facilities:

ü Online Share/Securities Trading

ü Offline Share/Securities Trading through authorized representative


3.   Transaction Statements and Ledgers:

ü Account balance verification.

ü Transactions disposal related services.


4.   Customer Complaint Unit:

ü To address complaint regarding services.


5.   KYC and document verification:

ü Verification of NID and KYC in the application.


6.   Financial Literacy Programs:

ü Investor Awareness Programs (online and offline).


7.   Cash Transaction Limit in a Day:

ü City Corporation or Municipality: Cash transaction shall be for trade limited to maximum BDT 8.75 lacs.

ü Rural Area: Maximum BDT 2 lacs

ü Abroad: Cash transaction limit applicable as per country’s laws.


8.   Banking Transaction Limit in a Day:

ü No limit for Banking channels


What is the Digital Booth of Shakil Rizvi Stock Ltd.?

Digital booth is controlled by Head Office, 158-160, Modhumita Building, 4th Floor, Motijheel, Dhaka-1000. Digital Booth is like a sub-branch office or Extension of Brokerage House. Shakil Rizvi Stock Ltd. is offering the same services & facilities from our Digital Booth as like our branch office or Head Office.

Which Services can I get from your Digital Booths?

You will get all the brokerage services from our Digital Booths as you get from our Branch Office/Extension of main office.

What is the Operating Time of your Digital Booths?

Our Digital Booth starts from 9am – 5.30pm on from Sunday to Thursday and trading hour is 9:45 AM to 2:40 PM (Including Pre-Opening and Post-Closing Session).


How can I deposit fund to my B/O account?

You can deposit in your portfolio account maintained with Shakil Rizvi Stock Ltd. by BEFTN/RTGS/NPSB; where you do not need to come to bank for cheque or cash deposit physically.


You can deposit the money to any of the following bank accounts. After the deposit, email us the deposit receipt at stock@rizvistock.com

 A/C Name

Name of the Bank

     Account No.

  Name of the    Branch 

   Routing         Number

Shakil Rizvi Stock Ltd.

Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd.


    Motijheel               Branch


The City Bank Ltd.


   Principal                 Office


How can I withdraw fund from my B/O account?

You can withdraw fund from your portfolio account maintained with Shakil Rizvi Stock Ltd. using the following method;

  1. Instruction through your registered email mentioning the amount you want to withdraw to stock@rizvistock.com or your relationship manager or our digital service officer;
  2. You can fill up a requisition form and email it to stock@rizvistock.com. Once approved, fund will be transferred to your bank account;
  3. You can send the filled-up requisition form  to our digital booth;