Managing Director

 Managing Director Rizvi Stock Ltd
Md. Shakil Rizvi 
Md. Shakil Rizvi is a renowned personality in the Capital Market of Bangladesh. He has been associated with Bangladesh Capital Market since 1987. He has played an important role for the development of capital market as well as Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). Mr. Rizvi is the Managing Director of Shakil Rizvi Stock Limited, Shakil Rizvi Asset Ltd., Rizvi Fashions Limited, Rizvi Trims Ltd., Director of Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd., Director of National Tea Company Ltd. and Director of Bangladesh General Insurance Company Ltd. He played- a vital role for the development of both local and global Capital Market. As the President of DSE from March 27, 2010 to March 15, 2012, he has introduced DSE to international community and played important role in building up a close tie with World Federation of Exchanges and many other renowned foreign Stock Exchanges of the world.

He was elected shareholder Director of DSE from March 02, 2004 to March 15, 2007, from February 28, 2009 to March 15, 2012 and from February 13, 2014 to March 22, 2018. He acted as Vice President of the Exchange from February 28, 2009 to March 27, 2010. He was also the President of DSE TREC Holders’ Club (former Members’ Club) in 2002 and 2003 and President of DSE Brokers Association of Bangladesh in 2019.